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My hiring rates

For larger clients and longer-term projects, my rates stand at £20 per hour. I work 10 hours a day (with breaks) starting from 09.00am.

For one-off commissions from individuals, my rates change to a "per commission" basis. Below is a rough estimate of prices depending on the type of commission you would like. 

Simple Sketches and Lineart:


Ziegler dragon lineart

Cel-Shaded and Simple-shaded art:


Ziegler dragon

Complex and Detailed Sketches:


Dragon doodle

Highly-Detailed art:


Mumbel and Tumble re-draw



My hiring terms of service.

These TOS apply mostly for one-off commissions. However, many of the conditions apply to larger client projects. 

All articles of this Terms of Service are applicable unless specifically outlined within the final written agreement between Client and Artist. 

By contacting me for work you are hereby agreeing to the terms expressed above. 

All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy. 

Updated 19.02.2022

1 - Client requirements

~ Read the Terms of Service in full.
~ The client must be above the legal age (18+)
~ The client must be clear on exactly what they would like the artist to do. Reference images and demonstrative sketches will help inform the final design and must be provided before the commission starts. A quote on a price will be given once all necessary information is provided. 
~ If the client has allowed the artist free rein of the image or provided insufficient details, they are not welcome to a partial or full refund if the final image is not what they wanted. 
~ All commissions must be discussed privately, not publicly on forums or social media. Commissions are to be discussed via email only. Individuals who make commission requests through social media will be asked to redirect their message to the following email address: kayaskosmos@gmail.com.

~ If a client wishes to discuss a commission or project via telephone or video chat through Discord/Skype, a specified time must be agreed upon between artist and client before the call may take place. The artist holds the right to reject and refund a commission if the client continuously makes calls outside any previously agreed time. A client must not spontaneously make a phone call to the artist any time outside 18:00 - 21:45 GMT. This is disruptive to the artist's schedule.

~ A client must be willing to cover the costs for any test artwork produced for larger projects such as a video game. The artist will not work for free under any circumstances.

~ A client must at least have basic project management skills or the artist will refuse to work with them. The client must have knowledge of time, cost, quality and scope. If "scope creep" starts becoming an issue with the project, the artist may refuse to make further alterations to the project even if the client is willing to cover the cost.

~ A client must be willing to cover all travel costs if the client wishes for the artist to travel to a specific location.
~ When the commission is completed, the client can post only the watermarked version online.

~ Commissions are completed on a first-come, first-serve basis unless discussed otherwise. A client cannot demand a commission to be finished sooner than another client who is ahead in the current queue. 
~ The artist has a right to turn down clients who are rude, inappropriate or lacking in sufficient communication skills.
~ Particularly abusive or uncooperative clients or clients who refuse to pay within the given payment deadline will be permanently blacklisted.

~ The client will be permanently blacklisted if found to hold outwardly racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist views. They may also be banned from the artist's social media sites and website. The artist does not condone discrimination on any level.
~ The artist may take legal action against clients who act illegally or refuse to pay for the finished work after repeated requests from the artist for the payment.
~ The client must be patient with the artist and not demand for progress reports or for work to be finished sooner than the agreed deadline. This may result in the artist taking longer than the agreed time to finish the piece or even refunding the commission and not finishing the work at all. The artist will provide necessary WIPs to the client as the piece progresses.

2 - Rights

~ All rights and ownership of the artwork remain with the artist unless agreed otherwise. Rights, licences and ownership can be purchased at additional cost.
~ The commissioned artwork is for personal use only.
~ The client cannot alter, modify, distribute or use it for commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to: selling the artwork in any way shape or form, using the artwork as a business logo, using the artwork to promote a business/book/website etc.
~ The standard limited licence includes the use of the artwork on social media for avatars or banners, for use in YouTube videos (as long as full credit is given) or to use for any personal reasons such as laptop wallpapers or posters. 
~ Minor changes such as cropping or adding text are allowed.
~ Do not edit out the watermark.
~ The Artist retains the right to alter, modify and post the illustration on social media, patreon, to sell it in their shops, create merchandise, etc. unless agreed otherwise. The artist also retains the right to post WIPs of the commission.

~ Under no circumstances is the client permitted to mint the work as an NFT. The artist will flatly refuse the minting of NFTs even the client is willing to cover the cost.

3 - Payment and Prices

~ Payment via Paypal only. Website-specific currencies (such as DeviantArt points) are not accepted as legitimate payment.
~ When the deal is agreed, the artist will send the invoice to the client’s paypal email address. 
~ The client must pay within 24 hours.
~ The artist will not start working on the commission until payment is received.
~ All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.
~ The artist is happy to accept tips through payment. The client may also send tips through the artist’s Ko-Fi. (Link on the front page of this website).
~ 50/50 payment can be arranged.
~ Displayed Prices are subject to change depending on how long a commission takes to complete. 
~ Additional costs will be added if a specific or tight deadline is given. 
~ The client must cover all extra costs if they wish for the work to be produced in traditional media. This includes costs for materials or costs for shipping.

~ The client must not send a payment and ask for a commission if nothing has been agreed between upon between artist and client.

4 - Refund

~ The client can claim back a 90% refund if the commission has been discussed, but not commenced. 
~ The client can claim back a 50% refund after the first finished sketch is completed if they do not like how the image is proceeding and do not want to see the project through to the end. 
~ The client cannot claim back a refund once the image is 75% completed or any time after. 


5 - Technical information and drawing

~ Payment covers the costs of a maximum of 5 thumbnail sketches, a maximum of 5 alterations to the finalised sketch and a maximum of 5 alterations to the finished piece. Further costs will be added to further alterations.
~ The client will receive two digital images of the finished painting. One high resolution, and one lower resolution version for posting online.
~ The artist’s default canvas is A3 with 300dpi
~ Extra costs will be added to designs created from the ground-up. In other words, if the image drawn is a new character design with no existing reference as oppose to an art piece of a pre-existing character belonging to the client, the client will be charged for the cost of the design and the artwork.
~ The artist will not draw material that is illegal, grossly immoral (such as hate art or art designed to bully an ethnic/religious group or the elderly/disabled people).

~ The artist will not draw pornography of any nature (including specific or obscure fetishes). The artist will redirect the client to other NSFW artists who are more suited for the work.

~ The artist is open to drawing lightly suggestive material or romantic interactions between all types of sexuality and gender provided it is not (18+).

~ The artist is open to drawing "furry" art provided it is not pornographic.

~ The artist will not draw copyrighted material unless the copyright holder has given explicit permission to do so. The artist will also not draw stolen characters or material. However, the artist is willing to draw within the style of a copyrighted piece of material as long as the subject matter is original.
~ The artist is willing to draw gore, violence or potentially politically controversial material (such as material for animal welfare and human rights) as long as the artist agrees with the nature of the image.

~ The artist will not accept any client work associated with NFTs.

~ The artist will not mint any client work as NFTs even if given explicit permission.
~ The artist may turn down a commission if the subject matter is demanding of skills that are beyond the artist’s technical abilities.
~ The artist retains all rights to turn down a commission for any reason.
~ Issues for the artist - such as family matters and illness - will always take precedence over a commission. If a commission is going to be delayed for any reason, the client will be informed firstly and the artist may over a small reduction in price.
~ The artist’s working hours are from 9am to 8pm Mondays to Fridays. The artist will not communicate or work during weekends, holidays (including Christmas) or any time before and after 9am-8pm. If the client desires work to be completed within these times, overtime charges will be added.

6 - Retention of Images and Files

~ The artist usually stores all finished work on an external hard drive. This isn’t a guarantee that the work can be recovered if the client loses the image. 

7 - Prints

~ The artist currently does not own a suitable printer for prints. The client is therefore responsible for all printing responsibilities. The client is sent a full-resolution version of the image in order to produce the print. This will change in the future. 


8 - Final Notice

All articles of this Terms of Service are applicable unless specifically outlined within the final written agreement between Client and Artist.
By contacting the artist for work the client is hereby confirming that they have read and understand and agree to the terms expressed above.
Contact the artist at kayaskosmos@gmail.com if you have any questions.