Frequently asked questions

Are you currently available for commissions or freelance work?

Yes! Please contact me by filling out a form in the contact section. Please be aware that I may not be able to get back to you immediately due to my schedule. Please also check my prices and terms and conditions to make sure I am the right artist for you.

What are your prices and terms and conditions?

I have placed a link to prices, terms and conditions at the top of this page. Click on it to view them. Please do not ask me for free work or art trades as I need to prioritise my job.

Where did you learn your skills? Please could you teach me?

I have taken multiple routes in getting to where I am today. I took two art GSCEs (Art Graphics and Fine Art), two art A-levels, (Art Graphics and Fine Art), a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Animation and a Master's level Degree in Creative Technology. In the meantime, I have also picked up my skills from a variety of different online artists and courses, including "Istebrak", "Schoolism", "The Society of Visual Storytelling", "Volen CK - Pursuing Mastery", "Marco Bucci", "Noah Bradley", "Proko" and "The Structure of Man". I am also currently a member of the Istebrak Critique Community - a fantastic resource to recieve critiques on your work. Sadly, I cannot do one-on-one tutoring, nor do I plan to make tutorials. Part of this is down to there already being so many art teaching resources out there. All I can do is point to where I picked up my skills from.

What is "Love The Dogs" about and why is it so different from your usual work?

There is information available in the description of the YouTube video if you would like to know what it is about. "Love The Dogs" is not my main body of work, it is a single project out of many that I have done. However, it is my most well known and people therefore make the asumption that this is mostly what I do. I am primarily a fantasy illustrator and creature designer, although I still disagree with greyhound racing in its entirety.

Where can I buy prints of your work?

Currently I have a RedBubble account on which I sell prints, although only a limited amount of my work is on there. I may be changing this in the future. You can find a link to my Redbubble on the front page of this website.

Would you like to collaborate on a project?

I am happy to collaborate on a project as long as there is the promise of paid work. "Exposure" and "Royalties" do not count as viable methods of payment. There are exceptions on collaborative projects, such as if I am approached by a large, worldwide company, a well-known artist or a close friend. But again, the collaborative terms must stay within reason. I will also not work with MCNs or Networks, a.) because I hardly use YouTube and b.) I do not want to give up the rights to any of my intellectual property.

Please could you review my art/portfolio?

I'm afraid that I do not have the expertise to review entire portfolios. If you would like me to review or critique individual pieces, the best place to find me is the Istebrak critique community where I sometimes give critiques. Please only contact me about art reviews if you are serious about improving your art or getting work as an artist.

What programs do you use?

~ Adobe Photoshop CS6 (For Digital Paintings). ~ Flashback Express (For Screen Recording). ~ Adobe After Effects (For video editing and animation compilations). ~ ToonBoom Harmony (For Animating). ~ Zbrush (For 3D modelling).

What tablet do you use?

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

What Traditional materials do you use?

~ Touch Markers. ~ Copic Bleedproof Marker Pad ~ Boldmere Graphite Pencils ~ WHSmith Sketchpad