Hello. I am Kaya Oldaker, a fantasy illustrator from the UK. My favourite thing to draw is fantasy creatures, particularly dragons. My work is influenced by the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside as well as the many pets - and pet plants - I have kept over the years. I like to use a lot of experimental colour in my work and have become known for my "prism" colouring effect. If you would like to know more about my work, here is a quick trailer below that explains it all:

Notable works

~ I created linking scenes for the worldwide collaborative award-winning project "Light up the World" for the 2012 Paralympic games.

~ I created "Love The Dogs" in 2015, an animation covering issues with the ongoing cruelty in the greyhound racing industry. I also produce material that has been used in anti-greyhound racing campaigns, such as banner and T-shirt designs. 

~ I am creating my own webcomic series that has been in development for 6 years called "The Increasingly Absurd Endeavours of Gretchen Goosander". 

~ I currently work alongside a group of other artists on the collaborative audio-visual story series, "Project Seten".

~ I helped produce animation for the worldwide collaborative project ASIFA with David Bunting.